Why The Pit Bull Ban Must Go

I’m writing this not in my position as editor of K9 Magazine.

Nor do I write it as a former professional dog trainer.

I don’t even write this having seen and reported on some of the barbaric and inhumane treatment of innocent dogs condemned to die after been taken from their owners having committed no other ‘crime’ than looking like and matching the Government mandated description of ‘Pit Bull Terrier type’.


I write this, quite simply, as a human being with a compassion for animals.

Since 1991 the United Kingdom has operated a piece of flawed legislation known as the Dangerous Dogs Act. This poorly thought out, ill judged, in-effective law sought to ban particular dogs based on nothing more than what they look like. In particular, Ken Baker (the MP who rushed through the act and has openly admitted his dislike for certain ‘types’ of dogs), targeted the Pit Bull.

Since then a large mythology has grown up around this most misunderstood dog breed.

It seems that if you say the words ‘Pit Bulls should NOT be banned, they should be a legal breed the same as any other’ you are immediately challenged to defend that position.


Because by banning the breed, Baker immediately smeared an entire group of dogs (and indeed their owners) as ‘dangerous’.

In the cold light of day, this is laughable. But there’s absolutely nothing funny about the countless dogs who’ve been killed, by the Government, and the owners whose lives have been altered forever as a result.

This is neither the time nor the place for me to list the many victims of breed specific legislation. I simply want to state, unequivocally, that the Pit Bull witch-hunt must end.

Since 1991 successive Governments have conceded the folly of the Dangerous Dogs Act, which has not achieved any of its stated aims either by way of reducing dog attacks or even removing Pit Bulls from UK homes.

Those who support the law are hard pressed to defend it when it is put under scrutiny.

Pit Bulls are a dog like any other.

They are large. They are powerful. Can they be dangerous? Yes! JUST LIKE ANY OTHER.

People have been attacked and killed by many different dog breeds. If our aim, as a society, is to produce only dogs that are incapable of injuring or killing people then we had better get to work quickly on producing dogs made out of cotton wool with marshmallow teeth.

I admit I may be preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to do it any way. So I ask this one, simple question and encourage you to contribute below…

Do you believe that Pit Bulls are inherently more dangerous and should therefore be exterminated in the United Kingdom?

If you do, then I’m willing to listen to your reasons why. If you do not, then please feel free to add your experience and opinion on why the UK still has a policy of operating failed, draconian, cruel breed specific legislation.

I urge and encourage our overseas friends to add your opinions too. Pit Bull owners particularly.

Thank you.

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