I have already posted a few pics of her – however I don’t want to hi-jack the thread I already started about rescue dogs so I thought I would post a new one!

I got Zara at 11 months, from some people who bred GSD’s and Yorkshire terrier :O
i think they had about 20 -30 dogs!
10 GSD’s where outside in kennels and the Yorkshire terriers were in the "house"
to cut a long story short they weren’t looking after their dogs properly, as they were neglected!
The GSD’s wasted away in kennels, food thrown and cleaned out occasionally!
The day I got Zara the "woman" was chasing her with a brush because Zara wouldn’t go to her! :O
It wasn’t until 1/2 years after I got Zara that the SSPCA inspector was actually able to take the dogs off them. The "law" really is shocking!
However they were banned for a year. Sadly 2 of the dogs had to be P.T.S. because their condition was so bad!
Sadly I still don’t know what happened to the rest of them!

This is Zara before

And Now

She was annoying the cat whilst he had his beauty sleep – and this was his reaction!

She went away in a huff after it!
With her best buddy Jake (R.I.P.)

With my baby niece Caitlin

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