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Yulin’s Dog Meat Festival Goes Ahead, British Charity Helps Lone Ranger Save Dogs Lives

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Over 10,000 dogs have been shipped in for the fifth year running to Yulin for their Summer Solstice event - these dogs are mostly strays and stolen pets, old and infirm, as well as new born puppies together with cages of cats to be plunged live into boiling water, or brutally slaughtered in front of their cage mates, and it's time to call an end to this practice.

Activists and celebrities alike including fashion designer Sue Wong, Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, Family Guy's Lori Alan and the voice of Spongebob Squarepants have spoken out in moving appeals here:

The horror of these practices united millions of dog owners worldwide and multiple petitions with over three million signatures have been presented to governments worldwide. The recent #StopYulin2015 twitter campaign has trended world-wide. This shows we know better than to just sit by and accept these practices, the lives of these dogs mean something to us.

dog saved yulin

But it all appears to be in vain as the Yulin festival went ahead on Sunday with dog traders determined to see a return on their investment - the very same trucks that ship dogs in, are being used by rescuers to save them.

Small British Charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade, who run the global NoToDogMeat campaign have been at the centre of this year's activism and rescue. They have been sponsoring known anti dog-meat activist Mrs Yang from China after a hugely successful crowd fundraising campaign.

A spokesperson for the charity said. "Mrs Yang came to see us in Shanghai in May and asked for our help and we responded with a grant and a lifeline for rescuing dogs from Yulin."

"Our plan with Mrs Yang as with all shelters we support, is to set in motion a long term plan to address the problem of strays and build on educating the growing middle classes that dogs are cats can make wonderful companion animals and should not be eaten."

NoToDogMeat plan to join grass roots activists in London this Friday outside the Chinese Embassy highlighting the need for change.

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  1. What does ryan omeara think about breed specific legislation? How can it be right that a dog is judged on there looks alone and if deemed as “type” will be taken and if owner signs dog over will be killed or spend a long wait in kennels whilst going through a costly court procedure to get them back?
    How much do you care for justice for dogs blame the deed nor th breed and make owners take responsibility not a breed. No dog was born bad

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