Your opinions please

Clio is a stroppy little madam who likes to get her own way. She goes through spells of not eating so I usually continue to pick it up after 10-15 mins and leave her until the next meal. This usually works and after about 4-5 days she starts to eat.

This episode of being an awkward little bugger she has not eaten for nearly 2 weeks apart from the odd nibble at her kibble (hey I’m a poet). I have checked her teeth and they appeared fine. I have seen her scavenging in the kitchen and outside so I know she is hungry. I thought it was because I changed the flavour of her food to fish so changed it bnack to lamb at a huge bloody cost to me as she is on Burns so I had a full bag of fish which I gave to animal shelter, but she is still not eating.

Last night she looked dreadful, lost some weight, coat condition not good so I was booking her in to see vet on Monday.

As a last ditch attempt I brought her food bowl into living room as I have to do this when we are on holiday as she doesn’t like being left in a strange room to eat. The little bugger ate it all in one go, standing at her bowl (her usual way of eating is to run from the kitchen to the living room with a mouthful of food, spit it on the floor, eat it, then go back for more).

This morning I put her brekkie down in teh kitchen as usual and she didn’t even look at it. brought it into the living room and she wolfed it down.

Question is, am i setting myself up here for her to only now eat if she is in the living room with us. Its a fine balance to get her to eat after 2 weeks or to not give in to the stubborn mule.

What would others do?

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