Write a blurb.

Is it just me or are the book shops full of books about ‘my life with my dog’. Started with Marley and Me and now every ones writing one. So if you wrote a book about one of your dog what would the blurb say.

Here’s mine.

Mica was on her third home when she was bought by a newly married couple whose idea of research was based on one book that believed in the dominance theory and recommended a type of dog food.

Mica refused to eat the food and treated all attempts at dominance with disdain. She escaped frequently (to share next doors builders sandwiches.) she trashed their new home, she refused to play and hated cuddles. And yet she was incredibly loyal to the family, deterred burglars three times and had treated her inept owners with incredible patience. She was not ideal dog but she still showed them the joys of owning one.

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