Would you BUY a pre trained dog.

Now please dont shout at me this is just an idea, nothing more.

I am considering, taking in some rescue dogs, training them to competition agility or obedience level and then selling them.

Now then. Some Im guessing might see this is just lain WRONG to sell a dog. But I am seeing it as a way of getting unwanted dogs out into competition homes.

In many arenas, dogs are trained by trainers and sold on, sheepdogs are a great example. Im guessing that there are some people who might love to do agility or obedience but simply dont have the skills or most importantly the time to get their dog up to a suitable standard????

Now its just an idea.

its not for me to make money, the sale fee will cover the cost of caring and training and keeping the dog during training.

I am considering it really as a way of getting dogs into homes that are more likely to be permanent…

Your thoughts please people. Would you /anyone you knwo, BUY a pre trained dog? .

The biggest stumbling block to be honest that I see, is my ability to actually SELL or rehome a dog that I have trained….and therefore built a good relationship with…?????????:huh:

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