World’s Largest Dog Bed

World's largest dog bed record attempt:

FloBeds, pioneer in the eco-friendly mattress industry, and a market leader in customized organic sleep systems, attempted to set two Guinness World Records – the Largest Dog Bed and the Biggest Dog Pile – during Labor Day Weekend in Fort Bragg, California. The record attempts were part of Paul Bunyan Days, the community's festival that honors their timber history.

FloBeds built the record-setting dog bed of the same all-natural material they use in their organic mattresses. That makes it the most comfortable, and most eco-friendly, as well as the largest.

The dog bed is 7 ft wide and 9 ft long – bigger than the largest FloBed mattress – and over ten times as big as a large-breed dog bed. The cover is organic cotton quilted to euro-wool and the pad is all natural Talalay latex, just like the mattresses they make for people. The dog bed was built at FloBeds, then presented Friday Sept 3rd at the festival's kick-off party.

The next day, Saturday Sept 4th, FloBeds brought the dog bed to the Ugly Dog Contest, another popular Paul Bunyan Days event. With a little help from their four-legged friends, FloBeds attempted to set another Guinness World Record, the Biggest Dog Pile. Ultimately 25 dogs piled onto the dog bed while local officials counted, documented and recorded the event in accordance with guidelines provided by the Guinness World Record organization.

Both record attempts were certified by local dignitaries. Mayor Doug Hammerstrom and Community Development Director Marie Jones were there for the largest dog bed record attempt. Meg Courtney of the Fort Bragg City Council and Alan Ahtow, Hairy Putter's person (Hairy is the Official Dog Blogger for Mendocino County) documented the biggest dog pile record attempt.

Asked why he built the world's largest dog bed, Dave Turner – the man behind FloBeds – explained, "We think they are the perfect world records for FloBeds and Fort Bragg. We've been celebrating a larger-than-life logger for 71 years, and we were just named one of the most dog friendly towns in the country. What makes more sense than records for a really large dog bed and the biggest dog pile?"

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