Woman Suspected of Cruelty to Animals is Eaten by Own Dogs

A Kentucky woman, who has several animal cruelty charges to her name has been eaten by her own dogs after she died at home says CBS Cleveland News.

The body of 67-year-old Patricia Ritz, of Ohio County, was recently discovered by deputies who conducted a welfare check at her property.

It is believed that dozens of Ritz’s wolf-hybrids consumed her body, after she died following an illness, in an effort to survive.

Ritz had been charged with multiple animal cruelty charges, dating back to 1986; though Ritz was repeatedly found guilty, she continued, through the years, with her abusive ways.

According to 14 News, Ritz repeatedly obtained, abused and neglected, large numbers of dogs from 1986 until she died.

Rescue workers, familiar with Ritz’s abusive history, expressed relief that Ritz’s abuse of dogs was finally over.

Mary Beth Kolb with Adopt-a-Husky Rescue stated:

After the sadness, there was relief,

There absolutely was relief that this will never happen again.”

The dogs found on Ritz’s property were suffering from neglect. Ohio County Animal Control responded to the situation to help with dozens of the canines who have been left behind following Ritz’s death.

Tracey Ward from the Ohio County Animal Control stated:

“I’ve been fighting tears a lot today,

I cannot understand why someone would live like this and put animals through this.”

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