Why Dogs Eat Poop (Dog Coprophagia)?

Dog coprophagia is the unpleasant practice of a dog eating their own poop.

When a young dog is growing, their body craves protein. Often, there is undigested protein in the stools themselves, and so the dog – with his powerful sense of smell – will sometimes demonstrate his desire for more protein, by eating the stool (poop eating dogs).

Canine coprophagia is unpleasant, unhealthy and should be prevented.

How to Stop a Dog From Eating Poop

Take your dog for toilet training whilst on a lead and do not allow them to engage in the practice of poop eating (canine coprophagia). After initial growth spurts, dogs will often desist from this behaviour naturally, but it's vital to communicate to the dog that eating poop is undesired behaviour.

It's also worth considering changing to a different type of dog food.

If your dog is craving additional protein, you may need to supply him with a higher-quality food, richer in protein.

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