When did she eat that?

Hi all

I dont know if anyone can help, Tess has got a bit of an upset tummy, she’s fine in herself but i cant for the life of me figure out what she’s got hold of so wondered if anyone knew how long food takes to digest.

She went to the toilet this morning when i let her out as usual, the poo was ok but when i went back and looked i noticed it did actually contain some of the "stuff" she’s eaten. At about 2pm she went again and it was very loose but contains a lot of something which i dont know what it is, she’s gone again at about 8pm and the stuff is still there.

Its really bugging me because i cant think what it is or where she’s got it from. It sounds a bit odd but its basically very runny pooh normal brown colour but full of what looks like white hundreads and thousands!!. Im thinking maybe grit or some animal feed that wasnt digestable? Small thin strands of white – not worms, the strands look just like hundreads and thousands, varying in size etc but roughly the same kind of thing in width and length.

Also when?, I took her out Sunday morning for a couple of hours then for the rest of the day we were home, today shes not been out as i would usually walk her in the afternoon on a monday but after her episode i thought best not especially in this heat. My garden is quite small and i generally know if she has got hold of something.

I just cant think……..Any thoughts

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