Whats the point?( rant)

Well really I suppose the person thought they were doing me a favour but it just winds me up.

Theres a woman with a GSD which barks at almost everything I avoid her because Oscar having been bitten by a GSD does not take kindly to one barking madly at him.
I have only ever spoken to her once. I said good morning, her dog barked Oscar barked back she said Oscar was attacking I said get a life.
End of…

Now this morning I was walking and was joined by a woman with her dog she has various training issues and the dog is very bouncy but gets on ok with mine.
We were chatting when the GSD owner came into the park.
The lady I was with said ‘oh Im not talking to her anymore she has nothing good to say about anyone and I have to wonder what she says about me when Im not around’ then she added ‘you should hear the things she says about you, shes told me I shouldnt hang around with you cos you’re a right cow’

Flippently I said, ‘As if I care, if it keeps her happy good luck to her’

But you know it annoys me not because someone doen’t like me thats thier loss but Id rather not be told about it by someone else like that.
I mean whats the point? I cant change anything and it doesnt do me any good to know.
I cant just go and duff her up behind the bike shed..and Im not going to ‘be friends’ just to placate anyone and fit in.
Im not going to get into the business of slagging someone off just because the dont like me either.

Id just rather the bearer of this news had kept it to herself or left it at the ‘I dont like her because shes a gossip’ stage.
Bum .. monday morning and Im ranting already!

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