Whatever happened to customer service?

Need to vent this morning as I am a little peeved 😡

I ordered something on Monday which I need for tonight from a company which gurantees 24 hr order turnround and guaranteed next day delivery.

I had despatch confirmation from them on Wednesday (a day late but never mind) guaranteeing delivery Thursday. I rescheduled my day Thursday and moved meetings across to today to ensure I was here to take delivery.

The carrier in question guarantees a pre- 3PM delivery. At 3.30 PM I phoned the vendor to ask for a tracking number as the consignment had not arrived. Entered the number into their system and was shown a message saying held at depot……

Several phone calls later and I am told there was a problem at the depot because a belt broke (guess someones trousers must have fallen down… 😀 ) Noone seemed to care about the fact that hundreds of people were expecting parcels which weren’t going to turn up in fact every one I spoke to on the phone seemed pretty apathetic about it, even when I remarked that on their website tracking system there was in fact a special area for them to post information of this kind as a news bulletin so that at least customers were aware there may be a problem…

Consequently I finally managed to get a ‘99.9%’ guarantee that the parcel would be delivered today – great I thought so I re-re-scheduled the meetings that I had re-scheduled to today….

Checked the tracking system this morning to make sure it was on its way… and nothing had changed… hmmm thought I someone has forgotten to update the system so I’ll ring and confirm.

When I eventually get through to someone they assure me that the parcel is indeed in a van on it’s way





Back to where it came from !!!!!!


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