What Jobs Do Dog Owners Suit?

Are you a cat person or a dog person and what does that mean for your career path?  A new survey from CareerBuilder looks at pet ownership in relation to chosen profession, compensation and job satisfaction.  The nationwide survey was conducted between August 17 and September 22, 2010 and included more than 2,300 workers with pets. 

Key findings include:

    * Workers with dogs were more likely to report holding senior management positions (CEO, CFO, Senior Vice President, etc…)
    * Workers with snakes/reptiles were the most likely to report earning six figures. 
    * Workers with birds were the most likely to report being satisfied with their jobs.

In terms of career paths, owners of certain pets were more likely to report being drawn to certain professions:

    * Dog owners were more likely to be professors, nurses, information technology professionals, military professionals and entertainers
    * Cat owners were more likely to be physicians, real estate agents, science/medical lab technicians, machine operators and personal caretakers
    * Fish owners were more likely to be human resources professionals, financial professionals, hotel and leisure professionals, farming/fishing/forestry professionals and transportation professionals
    * Bird owners were more likely to be advertising professionals, sales representatives, construction workers and administrative professionals
    * Snake/reptile owners were more likely to be engineers, social workers, marketing/public relations professionals, editors/writers and police officers

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