What have you learned in 2009?

So, what have you learned about yourself, your life, or "life" in 2009?

Ive learnt a lot. Il mention a few things.

Living, is opptional. At least it would appear so from my observations – no one has yet to prove otherwise. Dying, is not.

That patience is a very valuable thing indeed and worth the practice it takes to perfect. "Oh, for goodnes sake get on with the story, you droning old fart….." A few days ago, a horse got lose from its field.on the lane on which I live. Someone, impatient to sit in the queue of respectful drivers, waiting for the farmer to catch the worried horse, pulled out, and sped down the outside of the queue, as the horse had a "calm" moment. The horse became worried by the noisy engine and stepped out in front of the speeding car, and was killed.

I have learnt that the most bizarre things can happen and take you apparently completly by surprise. But when you look back, you had an inkling all along….I learnt that inklings are there for me to listen to.

I have learnt that actually, nothing’s ever as bad as it seems. Its just a matter of how you view it. Actually, I knew this before 2009, but had obviously forgotten it again during 2009, and had to be reminded. As in most of my previous years. Lest we forget….

I have learnt how much it hurts to lose and have been reminded of the need to live, before any more losses occur.

I have once again, learnt the value of and been blessed by amazing, true friendship. Sometimes from relative strangers. I have also remembered how nice it is to be in someones thoughts. And to have someone, lovingly, in yours.

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