What Does Pet Insurance Mean To You & Your Dog?

More than 21,000 dogs will be competing in the world’s most famous dog show, Crufts, in March 2011; entry figures that are slightly down on the previous year’s show. And with so many valuable and much-loved dogs competing, it is safe to say that most of them are probably subject to a pet insurance scheme.

With the average cost of a pedigree dog starting at around £300 (and often an awful lot more), plus the fact that just one emergency trip to the vet’s can cost as much as £300, it makes sense to take out pet insurance for all sorts of pets, including dogs, cats and horses; pet insurance can even cover small animals such as rabbits and other small pets.

Entry figures for Crufts 2011 are slightly down on last year’s show, which organisers attribute to the rules over tail docking. Tail docking has been outlawed in the UK, except for working dogs where it is deemed necessary and carried out by a veterinary surgeon and the 2006 Animal Welfare Act deems that even if dogs have been legally docked, they are no longer able to be shown at a show where the public pay to get in. This is evident in the entries for dogs that in the past have been traditionally docked – such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, Boxers and Cocker Spaniels.


2011 sees the 120th anniversary of Crufts and a number of native breeds, which the Kennel Club had feared could be at risk of extinction due to a severe drop in the numbers off animals entered into dog shows, appear to be on the increase. These include breeds such as Irish Terrier, Manchester Terrier and Deerhound.

And there’s more good news for anyone who missed the regular BBC TV coverage of Crufts last year, as More4 has taken over the mantle and will be presenting two hours of TV coverage each night of the show from March 10th to 13th. The show will be presented by Clare Balding and a documentary entitled Good Dog, Bad Dog, which covers issues such as dog breeding best practice, being a responsible pet owner and matters of dog welfare will also be broadcast during the same time period.

Whether your dog is a valuable pedigree or a much-loved mongrel, it is worth investigating whether pet insurance is a good idea for you and your pets, as well as shopping around for the best pet insurance deal using a price comparison site.

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