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my freind bout an 8 week old labradoodle last week the mum died just after birth as the vet wouldnt give her a c section! anyway breeder hand reared them all and she was bought home last wekkend. she said that at 8 weeks she had had all her jabs, thought it a bit strange but could that have been cos she never had any of mums milk? shes very good with humans and getting used to the other 2 dogs she only cried for an hour the first night when she went into her crate but is excellent at night now no crying at all. also she says she not cleaning her self as again she had no mum to do it shes trying to get her to do it but not sure how to teach her, she was gonna bath her but told her not to as itll affect the natural oils if hses bad told her to just wipe her with water on a flannel or something. but was just wondering why she had both her jabs by 8 weeks?

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