What do people think?

Hello all, happy Friday? I wanted people’s opinions on story below…

To cut a long story short, I have just moved down to Kent with my boxer Lily and have been searching for new dog sitter for Lily – she gets very stressed when I leave her alone, so she goes to a dog sitter when I am working on a Wed & Friday. We were recommended a sitter by a friend of a friend, who uses him for walks of her staffie (not for sitting). Today was her second day…

One of the sitter’s own dogs is heavily pregnant and I arrived this morning to find out that she still hadn’t given birth, he was exhausted and had been up for three nights waiting with her. I checked it was still OK to look after Lily and he confirmed all would be fine.

I went to pick her up today at 5pm and was told that she wasn’t there (alarm bells…) but had gone to a friend’s house over the road (John, who happened to be at sitter’s house, not home with Lily)… Bitch had given birth to eight gorgeous puppy. I tried to stay relaxed and went to see the puppies whilst I waited for Lily to be brought back round by John, despite worrying about her being on her own in strange flat with his other dog, whilst the most HORRENDOUS thunder storms had been happening outside (Lily is terrified of thunder).

She came round the corner with John and was trembling, still wet from being outside earlier in the rain. She looked terrified. She jumped into the boot of my car as first as I’ve ever seen her and shook and cried the whole way home. When we arrived, she shot into the garden and did the biggest wee – she clearly hadn’t been out this John’s flat for a while and that was why she was distressed in the car. She was full of energy, running round the garden at top speed, as she is used to two walks a day and didnt get it today. Worse still, she was ravenous. Lily doesn’t like food generally and I ALWAYS struggle to get her to eat her dinner. Tonight she scoffed it in about 30 seconds (the fastest since I got her) and then licked the bowl. I gave her second portion and she scoffed it again. I conclude that she hadn’t been fed (I gave him her lunch in a bag).

I understand why the dog sitter sent her to John’s house, as puppies were clearly the priority and I don’t begrudge him that – but I feel upset that he didn’t call me and ask me to pick her up (I could have easily done so). She wasn’t walked, fed, or let out for a wee – and that was what I was paying him for.

I have decided to find somebody else to look after her from now on. Do people agree that is right decision. I feel terrible for her, if I was going to leave her shut inside all day, it would have been far preferable for it to have been her own home.

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