What can I do about this..

I have started to walk Missy (BSD), 11 months old with Badger (whippet) 9 years male – very sweet natured.

They get on very well together.

However if they are both off lead and Badger wanders off to have a sniff about Missy will not let him come back to me. I will call them – Missy will start to come back but when Badger moves she will block his way. I therefore end up with two dogs not recalling!! Badger cos he can’t and Missy because she is more interested in stopping Badger than coming back to me.

If I run away from them, Badger will eventually do a dash past her, with her in hot pursuit. She can’t catch him but when he gets back to me, if I don’t step in with a firm Leave, she will grab him round the neck and grapple him a bit. He doesn’t react and she stops – then we continue on our merry way.

She also did this to him once when he disappeared into a bush in the woods – she got very agitated off lead waiting for his return and when he did he got a grapple (sorry don’t know how else to describe it).

At the moment I am only letting one off lead at a time – which solves the problem. Missy is quite happy for Badget to pootle along beside me. And then she goes on an extended lead so that Badger can be free for abit.

However what I would like to know is what is this about and how can I stop her doing this.

I would very much like to be able to let them both off together without her being so bossy with him.

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