what a relief

my sil bought her puppy over yesterday shes a 4 month old terrier cross lovely girl but was a bit worried about lola with her. my god it was excellent when they met! i couldnt believe it! i let charlie out first to meet her cos hes a dope on a rope his heckles where up but he just sat there looking at her while she sniffed him, ace completely ignored her but looked at me in disgust as if to say not another bloody stray youve picked up! keira was fine she was more interested in the humans. lola well she was amazing obv she barked cos she a gobby cow but she went straight into play bow with her pup wasnt sure of her cos she always in your face but no nastiness from lola which im really pleased about.

we had a few growls from ace and keirra but keira was asleep and pup was annying her but she will have to learn about growls. my sil was very impressed as she doesnt mix with other dogs as always on a lead when she goes up to the school etc .

oh and she loovved the beach even dragging on of the boys into the sea so he was soaking wet

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