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Wet Dog Food – Should I feed wet dog food?

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Should I feed wet dog food?

Like people, dogs need to be healthy to enjoy life. Dogs are our friends and companions but since they are also totally dependent on us for their well-being, it is our responsibility to look after them properly and ensure to feed them the best healthy, tasty and nutritionally sound dog food available.

Wet dog food advantages

After all, when it comes to choosing the best for your dog's diet, it's only right we give them what they deserve and given their choice, most dogs prefer wet dog food for their aroma, flavour and palatability. Luckily for them, not only does it taste great it also has many other benefits.

Wet dog food v complete dog food

Wet dog food is a popular and proven method of giving our dog's everything their diets require to keep them healthy. In terms of comparing it to complete dog food, it's all about finding what suits your dog best. There is no way of doing a simple comparison between the generic dog food types (wet dog food / complete dog food) as it will always come down to finding the right product - whether it's a wet dog food or a complete dog food - rather than trying to directly compare the two.

Some dogs prefer wet dog food, they seem to enjoy the smell, the texture and the whole eating experience. It's fair to say that many dog owners even use wet dog food in small portions to try and wean their dog on to complete dog food. This is often because dogs enjoy the stronger smell of wet dog food (and one of the reasons why people happen to want to wean their dog off wet dog food and on to complete dog food!)

Whether or not your dog likes variety or one chosen brand or flavour, wet dog food is readily available on your local high-street in pet shops, supermarkets and can be ordered online.

Convenience of wet dog food

Wet dog food is very convenient and comes in various forms including tinned, foil wrapped and pouches and once opened is a fresh, tasty and nutritious meal that your dog will love. The packaging will give you clear and easily guidelines as to how much of the container your dog should be fed depending on their age or size. Once opened wet dog food can easily be refrigerated until your dog's next meal. The reason for the enduring popularity of wet dog food is convenience and enjoyment.

Vets and nutritionists widely agree that wet dog food, with its large cuts of real meats, vegetables and grains soaked in sauces, is more flavourful to dogs and once opened is a juicy meal that no dog can resist. With meats such as; chicken, lamb, rabbit, beef and fish being the most popular. The smell alone is enough to stop your dog in its tracks and entice them to their bowl for a textured and tasty meal. The rich juices that encase the tasty meat also provides moisture that can be counted towards part of your dog's daily water requirement.

The health benefits of wet dog food

Wet dog food includes few additives and fillers and is packed with protein, vitamins and minerals so that you know that what your dog is eating is real meat with real flavours and highly nutritious. Knowing the importance of high quality ingredients, wet dog food certainly has its place in a healthy, balanced dog's diet.

Many pet food companies have formulated wet dog food specifically to suit your dog's needs and requirements. Wet dog food provides complete and balanced nutrition to aid your dog's digestive system and will cater for any dogs daily nutritional needs, be them young puppies or golden oldies.

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