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Westminster Rally to Protest Against Breed Specific Legislation

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Dog lovers and campaigners are uniting this month as part of a co-ordinated campaign in a global day of protest against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) which sees dogs lose lives and homes because of how they look rather than act.

Peaceful protests have been organised around the world for July 2017 with the UK event taking place on the 15th July at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3JY at 1pm to 5pm. Another UK event has been organised for Coventry, West Midlands.

Ottowa, Winnipeg, Ontario, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Barrie, Truro, Nova Scotia in Canada and Germany have planned anti-BSL events for the 15th July as part of the Global Anti-BSL movement.

The London event is organised by DDA Watch, the UK introduced breed specific legislation in 1991. Campaigners say the law continues to cost millions of pounds in taxpayers money to enforce and does nothing to protect people nor dogs alike, neither does it promote responsible dog ownership.

Thousands of pets continue to be put to death or deemed ‘dangerous’ based on their physical appearance, the law makes no sense and is long overdue for repeal.

Leading animal welfare charities have disagreed with and openly discredited BSL for many years, outlining the fact that dogs cannot be labelled 'dangerous' for their looks alone and they have called for an end to this outdated legislation.

There will be leaflets regarding BSL handed out on the day, plus a petition to sign, tributes made in memory of those lost and photographs.

People are coming together, making a stand and speaking out in defence of ALL dogs regardless of what shape or size they happen to be.

Find out more about attending the London event here:

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