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Welsh Electric Collar Ban Will Be Challenged

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The Electronic Collars Manufacturers Association (ECMA) have stepped up their effort to overturn the proposed ban of the use of electronic training collars in Wales.
The organisation has filed an application in the High Court of Justice seeking a Judicial Review of the decision by the Welsh Assembly Government to take necessary steps to ban electronic training collars from being used in Wales.
The application is the latest move by ECMA in response to the Welsh Assembly Government. Soon after the announcement in June it condemned the Welsh Assembly proposal as hasty, premature and unnecessary.
ECMA claims that the Welsh proposal is based on the misreading of available science, some of which is biased by the prejudging attitude of researchers. Much of the available research is also limited in range and scope and has even been rejected by DEFRA at Westminster.
In response to requests to ban the products the UK Government recently invested [...]

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  1. Electric training collars do work and are a great tool in the training of unruly dogs. It is far better that a dog in training is given an electric stimulus than a beating for doing wrong, an electric stimulus can be given at the moment of wrong doing where as any other type of chastisment you first have to catch the dog, this can be detrimental to its training and can not be administered at the time of wrong doing.
    Just because dogs have not been trained with them in the past as they were not around, does not make them a bad thing. All things have to progress and man has found ways to make things easier history shows this.
    It is far better to have a dog brought into line by using one of these than to have the dog put down because nothing can be done with it, it is a case of Horses for courses, and I find that these are a great tool in the hands of a dog trainer.
    Used correctly they are both humane and efficient, far be it for some one, some where with some silly notion should tell people how to do their job when they have never trained or tried to train an unruly dog in their lives.
    Before they try to push their views down other peoples throats they should put them selves in the position of the dog trainer.
    Peter T Nuttall

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