well there you go!

been up the yard to do ponies (no dogs with me) and on the way back the fishermans dog tries to attck my car jumping and scratching it snarling so much that yet again had to close our windows. (its bitten a carvaner in the summer so not friendly!) complained for the 5th time to the land owner (has fishing lakes as well as a few horses on) saying its not on. what does he reply ? the dogs never bitten anyone(the old guy came to our field to show us the bite we told him to complain to the owner but he said hed rather just go and find another caravan site!) and that if we didnt like it we should look for grazing elsewhere! so thats what ive been doing all night! its not just us hes snarled at hes tried to attack the horsesas they ride pass and there are kids up there fishing and alot of special needs kids as well! although its on private land its a public fishing lake can i get the dog warden involved or as its private land would he be able to do anything?

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