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Welcome to The Celebrity-Backed Puppy Farm

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Celebrities are typically well advised about doing things that could result in adverse publicity. With some notable exceptions, such as Prince Harry’s unfortunate Nazi regalia incident, the world’s most famous faces can be relied on to set an example and avoid associations with the more sinister elements about. Thinking back to the Eighties, no celebrity would have dared be seen buying South African produce, for fear of criticism from the very large anti-apartheid movement. With teams of clued up advisors and image consultants, it’s no wonder that the majority of international celebrities know to stear clear of the unethical, the unkind or even the uncool in order to maintain their image. Which is why it is shocking that almost forty, big name celebrities, including some very well known English ‘celebrity dog lovers’, have been caught up in the scandal surrounding a controversial American puppy farm, which is masquerading as a designer dog boutique.

Source: – the K9 Magazine blog

Welcome to The Celebrity-Backed Puppy Farm

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