Weekend tragedy!!


We went off for the weekend this weekend
Checked snakelets were fed, watered and clean as a whistle and pootled off happy in the knowledge that they would be snoozing their dinner off for the weekend!!

Came back did a whip round check of the snakes…..all fine, one had knocked her water bowl and there was condensation but other wise great!!!

Then noticed large white dollops on the table top…….weird….traced more white dollops on the floor…..followed then back to the windows on either side of the room…..odd!!!

Turned round to find a dead jackdaw ‘sleeping’ on the cushion on the setee

Bless it had come down the chimney and as we close all the doors in the house when away it hadnt been able to find its way to water πŸ™

The last one to come down was a crow which the cat stalked for a bit before we managed to catch it.

Made a lot of mess!!

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