Weekend Thread

Right guys – Usual friday thread – What you lot up to?

OH is taking me out tonight – for once he has a friday night and a WHOLE saturday (day & Night) off.
So he says we’re gonna go karaoke and stuff tonight and he’s paying cos i’m skint! I’ve got about £35 to last me till pay day on thursday!

Then he wants to go for lunch somewhere tomorrow day time (obviously with oscar) and then chill out sat night at home.

Can’t do too much with Oscar after his Op which he is doing well after although he has had to have his dish on at night as we can’t keep an eye on him when we’re asleep – He doesn’t like it, he whines most of the night but its a case of being cruel to be kind. He has internal stitches so its not like he’s gonna pull them out but i just worry about him licking it and gettin infected.
So its just on-lead walks for his highness at the moment.

so anything exciting happening for you this weekend guys? supposed to be good weather.

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