Wedding dress help!

I shouldn’t have gone dress shopping last weekend. I had in my head exactly what I wanted, and had sourced someone to make it for me, and I was sorted. Trying on dresses was helpful in narrowing down the exact shape of dress I need, but it’s thrown a spanner in the works also.

I found another option.

And I love it.

BUT I still love my original plan, and I can’t think how to choose, or try and incorporate the two or something.

This is the shape of dress I want, but with a sweetheart neckline and bell sleeves (and in white). I’ve fallen in love with the lace. Possibly I’d add a lilac ribbon around the waist, since that’s my colour scheme.

But my original plan was that shape but in a silky smooth satin, with embroidered celtic knots around the neckline, waist, hem and cuffs in pale lilac.

Celtic knots are important to me, they’re a nod to my heritage, and the infinite nature of them strikes me as very fitting for a celebration of love. But the lace…

What can I do???

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