Website Agrees to Puppy Classifieds Warnings

Statement below from C.A.R.I.A.D:

Until such time as third party legislation exists to protect the public online from unscrupulous puppy dealers selling puppies bought from puppy farms, we are doing all we can to ensure that people understand the need to follow the best practice guidelines when looking for a puppy.

This means always seeing a puppy with his or her mother so that they can be sure they are buying from a responsible breeder. It also means never taking delivery of a puppy from a motorway services or car park and certainly never having a puppy delivered to their home.

There are other ways the public can protect themselves from people masquerading as ‘home breeders’ when they are actually just reselling puppies trafficked from puppy farms, usually from Wales. This includes never paying cash and never dealing with anyone who refuses to give you a landline contact number.

C.A.R.I.A.D. is delighted to announce that Vivastreet Classifieds have become the first online free ad site to agree to host our banners on every page advertising puppies for sale in the UK. This is a huge step forward as it is the first time that an online seller has wholeheartedly supported a campaign that is exclusively devoted to a campaign against puppy farming.

Understanding that we are a voluntary organisation, we are also extremely grateful for their support and generosity in hosting these banners without charge. Here is what they have said about their support for the campaign:

“Vivastreet sends over 11,000 contacts per month in the Pets category and therefore we feel it’s important that our users planning to purchase puppies are made aware of the monstrosity of puppy farms. Supporting C.A.R.I.A.D in their initiative will help us to put across the message to our users and we will be very happy if our contribution helps to give these puppies a better life.” Vineeta Gopinathan, Traffic & Content Acquisition Manager Vivastreet Classifieds

We hope that other online classifieds will follow in the footsteps of Vivastreet and will be happy to display our banners in the same way, thus protecting their customers and ensuring they don’t fuel the cruelty of the multi million pound UK puppy farming industry.

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