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Wales ‘First’ With Animal Welfare Guidance but Will it be the ‘First’ to Outlaw Puppy Farming?

Wales, a gloriously scenic country steeped in history, a passion for animals and is apparently the dog ownership capital of the UK.
Today it has become the first country in the UK to publish guidance on the welfare of dogs in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

But Wales has also developed a reputation as being the Mecca of UK puppy farming.
It is by no means on its own, puppy farming is a national problem across the UK. But for those involved in the fight against puppy farming they will want to hear far more than self congratulations for becoming the first to publish ‘guidance’.
Puppy farming is an animal welfare scandal of international proportions. Every year dogs are callously reared in inhumane conditions to supply the demand for ‘cute’ pedigree puppies. Often buyers are unaware of what a puppy farm is and they blindly contribute to the trade in canine misery.
Even [...]

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