W Midlands Police Have 147 Dogs Waiting to Die

Birmingham Mail – News – Birmingham News – West Midlands Police seize 147 dangerous dogs


Insp Paul Minor said the urban phenomenon of so-called status dogs – heavily linked to gangster rap – has emerged in recent years following a crackdown on guns and knives.

These police are stupid.

The answer is, clearly, staring them in the face.

Gangster rap is the root cause.


Ban anyone from gangster rapping, writing gangster rap style lyrics, giving themselves a gangster rap style name, appearing in or around any gangster rap style backdrops, ban gangster rap art, ban gangster rap videos.

Then and ONLY then will our kids be safe.

Oh, just a short observation, a lot of these gangster rap types look a bit ‘funny’ to me. You know? Think we ought to start banning those ‘types’ too. Someone, PLEASE think of the children.

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