Vigil for Bruce

Okay – this is the idea (it’s not my idea but, like an opportunist burglar, I’ve picked it up and am running with it as fast as I can. Lol)

A candle lit vigil for Bruce, the alleged pit bull in Northern Ireland.

Here’s how it works. I am told that some protests are being organised in America on Bruce’s behalf and are planned for 23rd July. I’d like to complement this effort with a world-wide photographic candle-lit vigil to be published on the same day.

What is needed.

1) A candle

2) A sign saying ‘Save Bruce’ or ‘Bring Bruce Home’ and location (county/state/ country)

3) A camera

What to do.

1) Persuade, cajole, bully, bribe and threaten as many people as possible to join in the photograph.

2) Take photograph

3) Upload photo and post on this thread where I will copy it or email it to

What happens then?

1) On 24th July the pictures will be published on Facebook or Bebo or both.

2) A press release will be issued by DDAWatch.

3) A new video will be released with the pictures included.

Points to remember.

1) Make the sign big, clear and central

2) It’s a sombre purpose so big, cheesey smiles are probably not needed.

3) If you are under 16 then please make sure that a parent gives permission and is in the photograph too.

This plan is subject to change if Bruce’s circumstances alter. So it’s probably best to submit pics sooner. Best picture wins*!!!!

*Acclaim only.

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