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Video Footage Confirms Lack of Welfare For Greyhounds

Video footage of kennels belonging to professional greyhound trainer Eve Blanchard who is attached to Poole stadium, clearly confirms the racing industry’s failure to provide basic welfare conditions for greyhounds or comply with environmental and associated legislation.

Ms Blanchard, charges £4.00 per day to anyone wishing to run a dog through her kennels that at the time of filming did not even have lighting. Of further concern is the lack of heating. Ms Blanchard, however, believes the little heat generated by a group of dogs living within a confined area and sound proofing installed about 20 years ago helps keep the animals warm during the colder winter months. It was noted that overnight temperatures fell to -6°c in Dorset last week and the housing of greyhounds in damp freezing conditions would surely constitute as cruel and causing unnecessary suffering - a criminal offence under the Animal Welfare Act.
National Greyhound Racing Club [...]

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