Urgent Help Needed

Im very upset about this situation and im not really sure what else i can do. My neighbour (2 doors away) has a huski type dog called Mia (shes about the size of a lab) and is 9months old. He leaves her outside in his back yard which is quite big, but has no grass just rubble, no shelter for her apart from some fir trees next to the fence, but there is only rubble beneath them. She has no bedding and nothing to look at as the fence is quite high around.

The owner leaves at 6am every morning and doesnt come home till anytime between 7pm – midnight. She is left on her own all that time and i think it is disgusting. I know she has water, but to leave an animal completely on its own for sometimes 17hrs a day is cruelty.

I have called the RSPCA and they said that they will look into it but it could take a few weeks. I have even spoken to the neighbour and said that i thought the length of time was too long and that Mia gets lonely. Hes one of these people that knows everything and is always right, so he just said that i was talking nonsense and that she was used to being outside on her own.

I have offered to have her in my garden in the daytime as she will have some company with my golden retriever and he said that was fine, but then forgets to leave the key with me so i cant get to her. I am now hanging over the fence every hour (perched on a stool) just to talk to her and pet her, just so that she has some company.

I am so unbelievably upset about this. I hate to see any animal not looked after properly but when it is happening right next to my own house!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do. Im dreading the winter coming – and i know she has a thick fur coat, but to be left out for so long, she surely must feel a bit of cold, as well as the boredom. Please, anybody, help! I am desperate.

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