Update on Raw Feeding 5 year old Westie


I started raw feeding my Westie on the 23rd May and thought I would post and update with my observations and a few concerns. He is about 10.5kgs and I feed him approximately 200grams a day. He is quite a large Westie and has a tendency to get a bit porky at times but at the moment looks quite good. I have fed him on chicken wings, chicken carcasses, pigs liver, beef mince, sardines in tomato sauce, probiotic yoghurt and raw egg plus ground shell now and again.

My first question is, does this diet sound balanced enough? There are days when he just doesn’t want raw, especially the chicken wings and I have offered him cooked chicken instead (no bones obviously). On these days I make sure he has sufficient calcium by adding ground egg shell, which I hope is OK. He loves the cooked chicken much more than the raw.

Apart from initial problems when I obviously overloaded his system with too much bone he is doing a daily poo. Nowhere near the number of poos that he did on his tinned and kibble diet which would be up to 4 or 5. However, they are still quite loose although formed. Is this OK? The are also much smaller than before.

I would appreciate any comments or advice and whether I am doing OK. Perhaps I am worrying needlessly but I often feel it would be safer to go back to the old diet. I do feel that Westie’s have a strange digestive system which is ultra sensitive to changes in their diet.

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