Update: my friend’s lab

Some of you may recall the tale of my friend’s problem lab that had attacked a frail, elderly CKCS that had had to be pts 3 days later because of heart failure.

My friend phoned me in tears this morning. The lab attacked another dog late yesterday afternoon and she’d had him pts.

She was getting some washing off the line when the GSD chased one of the cats. As the cat jumped onto the gate to escape, the latch sprung from its keep and the gate (normally bolted, when she identifies the family member who left it unbolted they may well find themselves pts too) swung open, and two shot through. She called the dogs back and the GSD came in, but before she’d shut the gate behind her she heard the fight start. By the time she got to the dogs there was blood everywhere.

He’d attacked a BC x lurcher that was accompanied by an elderly lady. the other dog had very bad wounds to its chest, so my friend shut her dog in the house, checked the gate was secure and put the injured dog straight in the back of her car and rushed the dog and the owner straight to the vet. the dog was in surgery for over an hour and last night she was told it was still touch and go.

She took the old lady home, made sure she was ok (it was her daughter’s dog, the daughter is in Italy), got the lab and went straight back to the vet and had the lab pts. Her husband wouldn’t come with her, he said he couldn’t handle it, so her elderly dad went for moral support. Astonishingly, the locum vet was reluctant to pts the dog, even when she told him his history.

My friend’s devastated. Neither of her sons or her mum are talking to her, they don’t think she should have done it. The lab’s litter brother is moochng round the house looking for the one that’s gone. The husband can’t handle digging a grave in the garden for the dog but, amazingly, is feeling well enough to go and play golf. Most of the neighbours still aren’t speaking to any of them after the last attack, although one lady, who puppy walks for GDFTB, not only came round this morning to make sure my friend was ok but had also hosed all the blood out of the lane. The old lady had rung her daughter on holiday, who had rung the police, who told my friend she mustn’t get in touch with her so now she’s worried whether she’s ok or not. My friend has hardly slept and keeps getting flashbacks.

I feel bloody useless. Apart from telling her she’s done the right thing, and offering to go over keep her company and/or check on the old lady for her, I don’t know what else I can do, really.

Life can be shite sometimes.

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