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UK Pet Owner Statistics

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Another day, another survey on pet ownership data and pet owner trends.

Not many months ago we revealed the results of a pet owner study conducted by the Blue Cross which revealed Wales was the dog ownership capital of the UK and the East Midlands were the most miserly spenders on their pets.

Today a new study suggests Wales has the least pet owners per head and the East Midlands has the most.

Research from National Pet Month shows how our nation’s love for pets is stronger than ever due to companionship needs, security or just simply for more family fun. There are 27 million pets in the country and 43% of households contain at least one furry, feathery or scaly family friend, making pets well and truly part of the UK’s landscape.

Leading industry expert, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) carried out the research on behalf of National Pet Month, which celebrates Great British Pets and runs from 5th April to 5th May. It has provided an insight into the pet purchasing trends in the UK outlined as follows;

* There are 27 million pets in the UK with dogs and cats being the animal of choice for pet lovers with over 7.3 and 7.2 million across the UK respectively. (The UK’s Top Ten Pets can be found in the notes below)

* 39% of London’s pet owners purchase their pet for companionship, despite living in the UK’s highest populated city.

* 60% of single people in the UK buy a pet for companionship – 39% of whom have replaced their partner with a pet

* 21% of pet owners have wanted a pet since childhood, and almost of half of people living in the North East have wanted a pet since their early years

* The East Midlands has the most pet lovers, with 14% of the pet population living in the heart of the UK, compared to only 4% of the population residing in Wales.

* 39% of London pet owners feel the need for companionship despite having over 7.5 million neighbours across the city

* 21% of owners bought their pet for companionship, compared to only 5% who have their pet for security

* Over a quarter (27%) of the UK’s pets were bought or acquired from an animal welfare or rescue centre compared to 20% from a pet shop

Phil Sketchley, Chairman of National Pet Month, commented, “Pet ownership has grown over the years to this national high and it’s no surprise that so many pet lovers see their pet as a companion.”

Top 10 pets as per the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) Pet Research











Top 10 dogs as per the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) Pet Research


Border Collie

Jack Russell Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

German Shepard

Rottweiler/ Dalmation

Bischon Frise

Cocker Spaniel/ Shitzu

Labradoodle/ Golden Retriever

Geryhound (incorporating Whippets)/ Chihuahua

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