Time ot leae the crate….dog is destructive when left alone

Lenny is now too big for his crate now (he is in the largest size available in pet shops). He usually eats in it, sleeps in it (at night) and stays in it when I’m out. However, I’m having trouble preventing him from being destructive when left alone outside his crate.

First he was left in the living room. When I came back he had pulled all of the cushions off the sofa and jumped all over the sofa leaving fur and scuff marks. He knows he is not allowed on th sofa…at least when I’m in.

Then I tried him in the kitchen. When I was out he jumped up at the door to push it over and over again eventually till the lock gave way. I tried the kitchen again with a stronger lock and the sofa pushed up against door. With his size he managed to break open the lock, push the large sofa out of the way and jump over it. (he’s an 8 month old Dogue de Bordeaux @ about 7-8 stone).

I tried him in the living room again with access to the hallway so he could see the front door (which I thought might make him feel more secure due to his guard dog tendencies) but he behaved similarly by tearing up a nearby cardboard box in addition to the old pulling all the cushions off the sofa.

When I am in he behaves impeccably. He’s a little boisterous due to his age but responds well to command always obeying me without challenge. He tries to show dominance towards visitors, mouthing their hands a little when they stroke him, albeit gently and being a little pushy/nosey about what they’re doing. Still he will always obeys my command and stops although he may try again a couple of times. He will also protest with moans/wimpers if my attention is elsewhere

He has a large bed outside of his crate which he loves to nap in when I’m home, toys which keep im happy and occupied and he is always walked and fed prior to me going out in an effort to make him sleepy. These to me are the important ‘make sure you do when leaving your dog’ things.

If I return and he has behaved badly when I’m out I ignore him until he lies down and shows submission/stops being excited. Only then will I give him attention. Likewise if (rarely!) he hasnt been destructive I will give him attention immediately upon coming home.

I’m at a loss as to what to do now as I feel I’ve exhausted all the avenues I can think of. So, does anyone have any ideas? they will be much appreciated!!!

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