This is what it’s all for….

Oh what a lovely day πŸ™‚

So my OH’s ex-partner and the mother of his eldest son had a 40th birthday picnic today at the coast. It’s a lovely place to go (Cudmore Grove, East Mersea if anyone’s ever passing) – a lovely big field with picnic tables, leading onto the beach. There were about 60 of us at the party, having BBQs and playing rounders and sunbathing and generally arsing about. There were sack races/egg and spoon etc races for the kids. It was lovely.

I took Boo. Left Jessie at home a) Because she can’t cope with the heat so easily as Boo and b) That many people would stress her out. She stayed home quite happily with a selection of filled Kongs and bones and a big bowl of iced water.

Anyhoo, Boo was a bloody star. Spent happy hours playing with the various kids; haring after thrown balls and returning them, dropping them when asked. Went round the picnickers showing off her tricks in exchange for sausages. Just generally charmed everyone. At least 4 people remarked on how happy she is πŸ˜€

A little girl who was initially very wary of dogs ended up cuddling her. Despite her general bounciness she is so gentle with littlies – I guess it helps that I’ve got two small boys.

This is why we work so hard at socialising, isn’t it? So you can take them anywhere, knowing that they are going to fit in without annoying or upsetting anyone πŸ™‚

So proud of her :love:

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