Thinking caps on please

As you know pepper skateboards, but I am looking for a few new things to teach her that are along the same lines – and that can be incorporated into a routine. I have used a hula hoop before and she either gets tangled up or bites the sides :001_rolleyes: and have tried to use a stick to weave around (and after replacing 5 that she broke in half with her teeth gave up on that).

But I dont know what, so I am asking all of you helpful peeps to have a big brain storm with me so I can see what else she can learn and show just how wonderful owning sighthounds are. I dont need a dance move, just something for her to interact with or oh I dont know, a huge ball popped into my mind for her to balance on – but chances are she will chase and pop it 😆

Remember she is 10 – so may have physical limitations, she likes balls and toys, she loves jumping (and onto things), but hates touch sticks (she attacks them). :001_rolleyes: And above all it must be funny – she wont do it if its all a bit serious.

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