Things that annoy me

I have over the past few days witnessed such appauling ignorance from fellow drivers that I have been bubbling over with annoyance.

Why cant people notice blues flashing lights until they are right behind them – are they all blind 😮 and deaf 😮

several times the vehicle with full blues and twos on as they call them on these cop programmes, gets held up by several vehicles that simply had not noticed them until they are right behind them – yet the rest of us have heard, noticed and pulled over in plenty of time.

And today watching the re-run of a fifth gear they had a head on collision between a new car and a car 9 years old – the 9 year old car would prob have killed the driver. It was at 35mph – but in this simulation the drivers would have used their breaks – and steared away. But it was to scare the wilies out of you and get you to buy a new car.

They did admit that if you crashed into a car of similar age the damage would have been less – as the cars safety is like for like – so thats alright then, if you are going to crash – aim for one that is the same age as your own car – what a stupid thing to highlight.

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