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The Weaknesses of the UK Dog Breeding Industry: What Can We Do?

In 2008 the issue of dog breeding standards could not have been more prominent. The topic, usually debated amongst a relatively small group made up of those either directly involved in the breeding of domestic dogs or those who comment on the issue professionally, has made it to the mainstream consciousness thanks to the hard hitting film, Pedigree Dogs Exposed.
Now though, moving in to 2009, thoughts must turn to addressing the issues raised and ensuring those involved in the regulation of dog breeding are given all the support and encouragement required to make life better for dogs and their owners. We all - surely - want a similar goal: A UK populated with happy, healthy dogs.

So with this in mind, I am urging all dog enthusiasts to take a look at the following proposal written by dog health campaigner Carol Fowler in conjunction with the members of a canine health [...]

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