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The Terrier Song

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Now after enquiring about entering a dog show and finding out patterdale's aren't allowed as they they aren't registered by the kcc?, I found this song and chubby wanted to share it with you.

The Terrier Song

Now there's many a song about hunting,
Packs and huntsmen are honoured by name,
But there isn't a song about terriers
Which in lakeland have gained lasting fame.

So always remember your terriers,
Protect them from wet and from cold,
For the love of a tyke for his master
Can never be measured in gold
Whether it's Fury or Trixie or Nellie,
Or Rock, Jock or Turk it's the same,
One quality you'll find among them,
And dalesfolk call it 'dead game'.
And whether he's rough or smooth coated,
He'll tackle badger, otter or fox,
Run a drain or creep into a soil hole,
Or squeeze through a grike in the rocks.

He'll yield not one inch though they maul him,
He'll fight to the death on his own,
Though sometimes he'll be imprisoned
By a rush in of soil or of stone.
And then the brave lads of the valleys
To save him will toil day and night,
And join in a Hallo of triumph
As he blinks back to god's blessed light.

Now at Cruft's famous show down in London,
They have Lakelands that aren't worth the name.
If you showed 'em a fox or an otter
They'd fly for their lives without shame.
They're not built to creep or do battle,
But to sit on a chair in a house,
And they do say that one recent champion
Was chased down the road by a mouse!

So here's to our gallant laal workers,
Not beauties, perhaps, but they'll do.
With gameness they've also affection,
And make you a pal good and true.
And when your terrier, in old age, is dying,
And the world all about you seems sad,
A lick on the hand will console you,
For a truer friend man never had.
Final Chorus:
D.P. Todd, Kendal (Tune: 'Laal Melbreak')

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  1. Ryan,
    Love the Terrier Song. I’ve been an Airedale man all of my life and have used them to hunt upland game and feral hogs which are a damn plague on the land here in America. The only thing I can think of that I hate more than feral pigs are Burmese Pythons who are wrecking Florida wildlife. Only 2 animals in the Southeast that can take on the python and win is a really big gator or a big black bear. My hunting days are done since I am 75+ and pretty gimpy and my last Airedale is 14.5 years which makes him about a 100 in dog years. Wilson and I sit in our comy chairs, he has the sofa actually, watch the tv, read, a little, and doze in dreams of bygone battles.

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