The police


Not going into major details. But of late I have had a lot of "trouble", with someone.

I have an abundance of friends and about 30% of them have had a seriously negative view of the chances of "improvement" of the difficult situation, as a result of involvement of the police.

HOWEVER, I would like to say that I have spoken to at least 10 police people over the last week or so. Several of them have been dirctly involved with what might have become a serious incident against me. ALL of them have given me hope, support, some level of a feeling of security. And to be honest, how I would have coped without them in the last week, is something I can not say.

So. No matter what your thoughts. No matter what your experince. I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to ALL of those involved with me recently.


I think that despite the current social climate and way of thinking, anyone who gives their life over to trying at least to do "the right thing" should be applauded. :thumbup1: Admired and praised for their courage. What a POOOOEEEYYYYY, no hope job!!!!! In many ways. Anyone who can do it can go "up there" in their commendation alongside peope in rescue work and rehoming….

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