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The Karlton Index 2013

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Launching the Karlton Index 2013 – Who will be nipping at the Dachshund’s heels on health activities?


In 2011 the Dachshund Breed community came out top of the pups for all their work on health but in 2013 it could be your breed. The Karlton Index wants to know what has been happening in your breed community to improve the health and welfare of your dogs.


Since publication of scores in 2011 the project has had an amazing response. Breed communities have been in touch with updates on a vast array of health initiatives and there is brilliant work going on in many areas to guarantee our dogs better health and welfare in the future. The aim of the project for 2013 is to capitalise on that and accelerate progress through a number of collaborative programmes.


Feedback on the Karlton Index 2011 reveals its strengths:


·        It highlights the good work being done

·        It gives hard-pressed breed communities positive recognition

·        It facilitates the sharing of great ideas

·        It can help identify and diagnose common themes and problems that may be better tackled collaboratively.


Feedback also revealed how the project can be developed and improved:


·        Streamline the management of so much health data

·        Engage more directly with each breed community

·        Explore the issues around “impact” – what do we really mean by impact? How can it be effectively measured?


2013 Timescales


·        Assessment of health activities for each breed community begins NOW – so please forward any recent developments in your breed to

·        Scoring will be moderated in February- March 2013.

·        New scores and full report published 31.3.13


The value of this second report is its ability to identify how much progress has been made in the past 18 months, accurately identify the current barriers to progress and hopefully locate more resource and support for those working at the frontline of canine health and welfare.


Philippa Robinson (founder of the Index) would like thank those who updated the project in the past twelve months. Thanks too for the invitations she received to come and meet many of you and your dogs. But she sends out the biggest thank you for all the determination, innovation and passion you show for the safeguarding of your breeds’ health and welfare. 2013 could be the year where, working together we can demonstrate widespread and lasting progress.




The KarltonINDEX™

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