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The Daily K9: Gill Hornby is an Idiot, Dog Food Scare & Chicken Helps Dog

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A labradoodle is for idiots, not for presidents, Barack Obama: I was a passionate Obama supporter from the start. Just as he asked, I did everything to mobilise the grassroots in my neighbourhood (west Berkshire).”Yeah, he’s a mutt like me: a labradoodle.” What do you get when you cross a bulldog with a shitzu? Exactly. You are what you walk, even if it is in the White House grounds with a dozen secret service agents.

A Portuguese Water dog is a cool dog: bred to herd fish, a strong sea swimmer with a distinguished front crawl. A labra… I can’t say it again… is not a mutt; it’s a mongrel with pretensions and a name to curdle your marrow. We need a dog we can believe in. Mr President, spare us the labradoodle.
The Daily K9: Sorry, say that again Gill, only this time try and take your hooves out of your [...]

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