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The BBC Will Continue to Broadcast Crufts

Imagine it.
Any day now, this is the headline you could be reading.
Of course, the alternative headline: The BBC Will Not Continue to Broadcast Crufts is also a possibility - as it stands the BBC is currently in the review process but as we know, Crufts is coming round in March and a decision will need to be reached very soon.

So I thought it would be??a good opportunity to examine what has changed since Pedigree Dogs Exposed - the documentary which has prompted the BBC to review its status as Crufts broadcaster - was aired.
First off we have to examine the reasons why Pedigree Dogs Exposed was so hard hitting.
All who watched it will recall the Cavaliers in agony. They will recall the frankly shocking views of some of the breeders - for instance the Ridgeback breeder who was fretting that she had to deploy the services of an ‘old retired [...]

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