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The Apprentice Dog Food Task: Review

Over at the Telegraph they cover the recent task set for the contestants of BBC1 show The Apprentice.

Why, you might wonder, would be covering a task from a business TV show?

Well, this challenge was all about pet food. So, how did the budding Alan Sugar business partners perform?

From The Telegraph:

The fun started, as it so often does, in the eye of a brainstorm. Logic were struggling to find a compelling name for their new dog food (“Fur Play?”) when Vincent had a flash of inspiration.

“What I thought we could do,” he said, his eyes ablaze with the brilliance of his own idea, “is have some sort of advert where you’ve got the old-school labrador that everybody loves, and you’ve got the It-boy pug. When you get them together they don’t like each other too much but at the end they become pals. And that would be the name of the brand: Pals.” Charles and Maurice Saatchi must have been kicking their coffee table in frustration. Why didn’t we think of that?! Until, that is, Ellie spotted a tiny flaw.

“Pal is already a name,” she said.

“It’s the second biggest dog food brand in the world,” chipped in Tom helpfully. And so Vincent returned, crestfallen, to his drawing board where after a string of similarly dismal ideas, ranging from the daft (“Total Dog”) to the meaningless (“Hungry for Better”), they settled on “Everydog”, the dog food for every, erm, dog.

Venture, meanwhile, were having similar difficulties naming cat food. There were just too many terrible ideas to choose from. “A spa day for a cat,” brainstormed one candidate. “A cat with fur so long you can put rollers in it,” said another. “What about cats having their own mortgage?” What indeed.

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