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That Old Chestnut – Barking in the night!

Howdy everyone? Long time no post I know!

Hope you and your dawgs are well.

Will get straight to the point. The issue is barking in the night, usually just the one episode. Jasmine sleeps downstairs and has access to all lounge and kitchen. She also has two beds and a sofa to choose from. She gets put out for a wee before we retire.

The last few evenings she has woken us up once by constant barking. One of us gets up to put her out for a wee, sometimes she does, sometimes she thinks its sniff/muck around time in the garden. Often or not when she comes in she settles back down again and we don't hear another sound from her. Another time she may wake us again cos she didnt get to do her business. Her early morning wake up call can be anything from 130am to 4am.

What to do?

I will say if when we are at home she is in the garden with the back door closed, she does bark to let us know she wants to come in. This probably doesnt help as she has trained us that a bark means come in/door opens.

Next door have twins, aged about 8, and I do worry about waking them up or being reported, and rightly so. I wouldn't be happy in their shoes.

All advice welcome.

OH is finding that swearing at her is not fixing anything! LOL! Funny that!

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