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Terrible dog owner is there anything I can do about it?

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Im not sure if there is actually anything which I can do about this but there is an older man in the village where I live who has parkinsons desease and also owns a 13 month old Jack Russell.

He walks the dog twice a day off lead, and every single time he walks the dog it gets lost or at the very least runs off and will not come back to him, he can then get very aggressive towards other walkers if he feels that its there fault the dog wont come back.

He shouts and swears at people who have toys with them or who have there dogs off lead, because there dogs etc are distracting "Digger"

Digger is also seems to be aggressive (towards other dogs)and a couple of times I have felt that he would bite me although he hasnt and it was probably my fault in a way because I will pick up my whippet pup now everytime I see him, but he has gone for my whippet twice and I have seen him attack other dogs.

its really frustrating me now because i feel like i can almost never leave the house without worrying, because on at least four occaisions the dog has been loose on the village green without anyone in sight.

i am so worried about this dogs safety and about the safety of my dogs, it would only take digger to run up to my male standard poodle and that would be the end of him, Louis really will not tollerate anything from other dogs.

sorry for the long post but is there anything i can do, will the rspca speak to owners like this? or the dog warden?

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