Tell everybody about your county, state, province, or country

This will be interesting. Tell everybody about your county, state, province, or country.

New Hampshire used to have the ‘old man on the mountain’. It was a natural rock formation on a cliff that looked like a human face, which fell down back in 2003. The weather is hot and very humid in the summer, and extremely cold in the winter. It seems like there are thunderstorms every night during the summer. Maple syrup taps are all over the place in the spring. There are a lot of great views on the hiking trails with all the mountains. Mt. Washington has awesome views. The fall foliage is beautiful in New Hampshire, especially on the hiking trails. There are snowmobile trail all over the the entire state, which are fun to hike.

As far as wildlife, I had a black bear run across my backyard. I have seen foxes, moose, deer, skunks. I have heard plenty of coyotes as well.

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